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01-29-2011, 12:47 PM
Would be nice, I've always been a big fan of the Akira and of the school of thought that A) found fifteen torpedo tubes more than slightly ridiculous and B) felt like those shuttlebays looked like there might be a runway right down the middle of the saucer. And after two cruisers and a science ship. I suppose we are about due an escort on the C-store.

Question is, is there any chance this gets by Cryptic's sort-of-promise to the Klingons that the Federation won't get carriers? I may think this is sufficiently different from what I'd consider the definition of a carrier - mainly in that it'll be a lot easier to kill - but if that definition's to include anything with launchbays in it, all bets are off...

Either way, with or without the carrier bits, I'd like to see a cruiser/escort hybrid Akira make it to T5.

Failing that, a Rhode Island refit of the Nova might be good too. Considering the way ships are put in not-quite-the-right-role in STO, maybe a case could be made for that refit as a T5 escort. As in it's small, maneuverable and it drove off two Klingon ships in Endgame, whereas its 24th century predecessor in Equinox excelled pretty much only at running away and hiding. Of course, the science guys won't like this...