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Originally Posted by soriedem View Post
I want to thank everyone that has played my missions, Unholy Alliances I - V and Shore Leave with Sori, on Tribble. Your feedback really helps me identify issues and resolve them in order to create even better missions. However, It has been brought to my attention that there is a serious issue that a few people have been experiencing with Unholy Alliances I. Grand Nagus provided proof ( here ), that occassionally some of my NPCs are being killed by the enemy groups before the player can speak to them. If the player can't speak to the prisoners, the mission can not be completed. I was just wondering if anyone knew why this was happening, so that I can resolve the issue and make the mission completeable for everyone. Any thoughts?
Try setiing a trigger that causes the enemies to beam in only after you reach a marker. That way the enemies wont be there long enough to cause harm. Another idea is to move the NPCs out of the enemies weapon range. Also, If these are custom NPCs, the game considers them as part of your team. Unless the appearance is completely important (recurring character, etc), you may try using a standard NPC contact. I believe they are considered neutral and thus won't attract the enemies' attention.

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This is a feature that needs to be added. The costume creater is lacking quite a few options. One of them is a "Neutral" designation for alliance. That will allow you to set a contact in a group of enemies without them being attacked.