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The H’JoQ remained neutral during the Klingon Civil War between the Duras and Gowron, trusting that the strong would come to rule, as it should be. Gowron was an embarrassment to the empire, a prancing politician, and egotistical prat more concerned with advancing himself than the Empire’s safety. While they trusted that the more honorable houses would eventually remove the fool, the cluster of hangers on and other arrogant sycophants he appointed to various positions caused more damage to H’joQ and I.I. operations than any foreign power.

Annoyed at the interference, the H’joQ pulled out their files on the various new lords of the Empire and once again began the systematic campaign of murder, intimidation, and blackmail that they had become famous and despised for. The H’joQ, for their part, had little patience for what they perceived to be glory-seeking, self-aggrandizing fools who were as dangerous to the state as any foreign power. After the removal via ‘hunting accident’ of three of Gowron’s closer supporters, Gowron became incensed and demanded to speak to the head of the H’joQ while the Houses whose members had been assassinated prepared for war.

The head of House H’joQ, Kurak, Daughter of K’rath, arrived on the new Quo’nos-Class (E-9) Dreadnought Bortas, along with a wing of the H’joQ’s upgraded BOP’s and E-7 Command Cruisers and quietly asked how the H’joQ would be able to serve the Empire. Gowron, ever the politician and realist (in that his neck was on the line), asked the H’joQ why they were destabilizing the Empire when it needed to be consolidated after the war.

Kurak simply responded that Gowron’s appointees were digging into areas outside of their station, and as such, were removed as potential security threats. Only the Chancellor was authorized to know of their maneuverings as Imperial Intelligence. As House H’joQ, they were removing potential impediments to their duties, as a good portion of Gowron’s appointees were from Houses that had been damaged by the H’joQ rise to power. They also informed him that they were making an example of House P’kal, a minor house formed of the remnants of several houses that had annoyed the H’joQ during it’s rise to power. By invading their holdings and executing all the nobility to the last.

Gowron, nervous at the monster that had remain relatively silent for many years, aside from the unsavory business it had normally engaged in out of necessity, and had now been awakened, asked what Kurak wanted. Kurak wanted to have her clan be allowed to do it’s job unmolested, gathering information on the Empire’s enemies and create the weapons for which it would project it’s power. No higher honor could be bestowed on the H’joQ as fast as they were concerned. Gowron shook his head and agreed, if anything to keep the H’joQ out of his hair.

The Dominion War greatly increased the H’joQ’s power as they allied with several of the economically based Houses in the Empire, creating a military-industrial complex that ran constantly creating newer and better ships as well as repairing vessels and treating warriors during the war. While many houses lost warriors in droves, and allied houses ship building facilities were attacked by Dominion Forces, the H’joQ’s secretive nature allowed a majority of their M-I complex to come through the war unscathed. The H’joQ, while not leading the Empire directly, have had their influence stretch to encompass the entirety of the Empire, and they have begun to squeeze…