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THE DAA'MOQ: While cunning in battle, their ferocity tends to overtax their thinking processes, thus leading to larger casualties than necessary. Useful as shock troops and vanguard forces, but not something you want to keep nearby for a protected length of time.

THE DURAS: *sigh* so much energy wasted for so little. They were once noble, but have fallen far. Perhaps Ja'rod will be worth salvaging and turning intoa piece to offset the House of Kang

THE KANG: Noble and worthy of leading the Empire. With a few minor adjustments, we can shape them into a proper ruling class. It is unfortunate that they despise us so. But no matter.

THE KOZAK: Access to their economic and industrial might has proven a good pairing for our houses. With them, We can arm the Empire and make it strong. They also understand our desire for Unity within the Empire, if for crasser economic reasons. But still, they have proven loyal allies, and should be afforded consideration in our plans. One should treat their allies well.

THE MARTOK: Well, that was unexpected. He was honest in his desire to make the Empire strong again, and there are many who would oppose that simply for his and his successor's low born position. That attitude will need to be corrected, mostly through leadership. Or some creative adjustment of certain opposing house members secret files.

THE MERGH: Ah, it is so gratifying to see a project go so well. They are ripe for takeover. So much the better.

THE MONG: Silent, secretive, deadly. They are so very like us. Thus bear watching.

THE MOGH: There is potential in the Son of Mogh. We will say little else