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01-29-2011, 05:15 PM
why on earth are you using small hypos and shield charges? I would refuse to team with you for that reason alone... what is wrong with you? good-grief charlie brown... just try and kick the football again...


another thing... using repel weapons will not stop workers from disabling the transformers... neither will force domes... stop messing around and kill them... as fast as possible.. use LARGE weapon charges and kill them... don't repel them, don't knock them back... you get 10 seconds total time of them wrecking the transformer before you fail... stop worrying about aggroing other stuff.... kill the workers!!! worry about everything else later.

You say you're an engineer? drop turrets to draw aggro away from you... before the borg even spawn... don't put the turrets next to you.. put them far away then move to a good spot to have a flanking attack on the workers... you should be able to kill the first worker before he even gets to the transformer...

First person views are terrible because you can't see what is behind you... those proto-drones that beam in behind you and shoot you in the back must be dealt with immediately or else you will fail...

I had been thinking that you were just having some bad luck finding good groups... now I see that I was obviously mistaken and that you are not even thinking clearly about how to be successful.

Stop lusting for gear and think about how to be a better player... those fancy Borg set pieces won't help a mediocre play style... this game is not won or lost by using certain equipment, but by learning how to effectively use the tools that all players have access to.