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01-29-2011, 05:39 PM
Transformer #2 is probably the hardest one for an engineer to hold (at least with non-aggro method). This goes for both the third and fourth gates. As a non-aggro, it is best to be done with a tac officer. Stun and plasma grenades work great.

But for an engineer, you are better off running Fabrication Specialist kit. If you do transformer #1, a phaser turret at its maximum range can help you take the workers without aggroeing the mob. However, placement is very tricky. Your strength is probably in transformer #3 or #4. At the last 2 gates, #3 will often beam in the mob as soon as it is activated, so non-aggro doesn't always work here. In this case, lay down your 2 turrets and your generators. For some reason, generators are borg aggro magnets. They seem to always attack your generators first unless you are shooting at them. This keeps the mob busy while you take care of the workers.

Oh, and large hypos are the way to go. Yes, it's a pain that you can't replicate them, but it's worth it. So I often buy 80-100 at a time.