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01-29-2011, 07:40 PM
As stated above the work-around I use for this is to use a reach marker and a pop-up box instead of a talk to NPC... if the npc dies the mission will continue... might look a little weird, but it is better than a mission failure.

The other option I use is similar where the npc contact is actually an ally that can fight and move on their own and avoid plasma grenades and an interact with object/vflower/pop-up dialogue is used to convey the information and continue the mission... the problem with this is the NPC can fail to return to the original spot.

I eliminated 95% of all my talk to NPC contacts to avoid issues like them getting killed and would advise othe authors to consider using some form of work-around...

There is another work-around that causes and NPC to spawn when a reach point is crossed.
Totally unnecessary, You need to understand how the actual factions have animosity toward each other...
In ABS, I want collateral damage, it's more realistic even though the player has kill the baddies....And the rebel colonists are baddies, not the tied up ones, they are set to neutral. They attack an enemy sehlat group, disguised a rebel colonists. However, as per the description they attack anything... Borg do to, all said enemy groups attack all factions, gorn don't, klinks don't, orions don't, etc...