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I share my STO account with my boyfriend and I already have a VA character in a non role play fleet. Since we got an extra character slot for our 300 day reward, I won it though an a very intense game or rock, paper, scissors.

I have been a giant Star Trek fan since I have been a little girl, and I have always wanted to try role playing. Again i'm not an expert at doing it, just with the subject matter. I'm also a daily player but I don't have regular hours since we have only one computer and account at the moment. Since we both share, our times are not regular.

The other thing I want to warn also is I know many fleets are active with websites outside of the game. From experience I know I will probably have all my attention focused on what goes on just in game.

My perfect fleet would have people I can work up the ranks with. instead of grinding the whole time and hitting VA in a month, I would rather do a few missions then role-play for a while.

So if playing like this isnt a figment of my imagination, then reply or better yet send me a mail in game.