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01-30-2011, 11:49 AM
Originally Posted by Highbone
Totally unnecessary, You need to understand how the actual factions have animosity toward each other...
In ABS, I want collateral damage, it's more realistic even though the player has kill the baddies....And the rebel colonists are baddies, not the tied up ones, they are set to neutral. They attack an enemy sehlat group, disguised a rebel colonists. However, as per the description they attack anything... Borg do to, all said enemy groups attack all factions, gorn don't, klinks don't, orions don't, etc...
Sehlats when re costumed, attack by head butting and biting. I plan to use them for zombies eventually but they really don't quite work as neutral enemies so much as they work as a separate faction of enemies who bite people.