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# 19 What, no holodeck?
01-30-2011, 01:08 PM
I like the change of scenery with visiting the bridge. I would in fact consider STO less of a game without it there. My problem is the lack of interactivity. You can't right click a chair or sofa to sit down, or a bed to lay down before logging out. (There is no chance of my wife liking this game without those features.)

I also seem to want to click on the food creating machines so I can make my own drink or food as was so often seen in Star Trek the Next Generation. It'd be nice to create the drink or food and then drink it or have an option of eating it at a table.

Lastly... what, no holodeck?? I mean... okay... I get that maybe the extra work to create the bay that we could pilot our own little away ship and guide it out of the bay would be a bit of work... boy, it would be fun. But holodeck... I don't even know how many shows I saw with the holodeck referenced. From taking a girl on a date to playing lazer tag, the holodeck was a supremely useful thing.

(no holodeck )