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01-30-2011, 01:23 PM
While Napoleon is being a bit over-the-top in the whole "I won't team with you" bit -- he is correct in don't bother with 'small" anything. Get the large power cells, shield charges and hypos. As an Engy, your best two are Hypos and Power cells - healing and dps increase. Your Captain skill should keep your shields up adequately, so you can use that shield charge slot for something else useful.

Trans #2 position - using no-aggro - I will often have two people cover #2, and one person (solo engy's work great) on #1.

The caveat to this - the pair at #2 need to float a bit towards #1 to help out by giving a couple shots to one worker in the *pairs* that go by. You should be able to easily do this. Note, you will see a single going to #1 - do not shoot that one at all. If you do, it messes up the timing, and #1 gets 3 workers at the transformer, which sucks.

Do not concentrate too hard on the #1 workers, just a couple shots, and let them go. By then, you will have work of your own to do. Hopefully you are using some form of knockback weapon - many of the purple sniper rifles have a 66% chance of knock-back. Between two of you, it should suffice. Stun pistols work as well, changing out with the sniper rifle.

If you have a really good Tac, you can use them at either #3, or with a Sci type at #2. I haven't been on many "tac heavy" runs, so I tend to put them where they are very valuable (translation - have flanking shots where they do one or two hit kills)