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01-30-2011, 05:40 PM
Hey Again!

Just wanted to thank everybody for their interest here and in my mail. The only problem is since yesterday I have been invited to at least 10 different random fleets, and not one of them ever introduced themselves or told me anything about their fleet. Sometimes this happened right in the middle of missions.

It may be possible that those invites didn't come from my post, but perhaps less successful fleets just troll for lower ranking players who don't have a fleet yet. I don't want to accidentally ignore somebody who saw this and might have the perfect fleet for me. So please, just send me a tell and have a quick conversation before you send me an invite me.

I'm still trying to find myself a good match. Just also want to say, that the size of your bank isn't an issue. I also know I can do all the missions alone, I just rather do it with friends. I think I got the imagination and writing talent to be a good role-player, just need some help to become a good one.

thanks yet again