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01-30-2011, 05:53 PM
Originally Posted by Elysia_1 View Post
To all you "Pro" KA players...

GET WITH THE PROGRAM and help us who can't get through the damn mission.

I don't get it... You all say how easy it is yet when trying to get into a group one is asked if they are experianced players of it... WHAT THE HELL??? How are we supposed to be experianced if you wont help us get through it?

Youtube walk throughs are crap, "cryptic" (not the company) suggestions mean totally nothing to the inexperianced and no help from the community make this one of the hardest missions there are... Seriously... Open up, help those who can't get through with valid info... Tac. weaps and BO abbilities, Sci. Weaps. and Abilities and Eng. Weaps and abilities... Please... Give us something to go on.. No more on how to do the mission, I think we all know by now that a Tac. group goes to one gate and the others to the other gate, kill all the probes and spheres each time they spawn in and kill the gate one at a time. But what you all don't say or suggest is, what type of abbilities are best used to make it through this really very irritating mission.

I've been going at it since day one and I've nore have a few others I know EVER gotten past the first space battle part when the probes start coming in... And please don't tell my the "I'm nnot doing it right"... There is a special little secret about what abilities to have and use... Let us know what they are and OPEN up from us noobs who can't seem to get through it and invite them to your team that knows what to do and how, instead of making smug remarks about how easy it is and how you all can't understand why we have a problem with it.

My rant on the this mission and players who can't be bothered to help out.

Flame me... lol
blame tthe people who dont think like you. The people who refuse to change their skills or blatantly lie about their setups. The people who cant read. These pro's you speak of have patience but it is not indefinite. One can only go so long before he starts saying "exp. Glf 2 more KA RA from start. Exp. required. Tac Preferred."

Oh and I usually ask for 1 MAIN reason. So I know who to tell what to do. Or would you prefer we not know if youre exp and just start then kick you when you do something wrong?