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01-30-2011, 07:24 PM
Because each player had a different setup in Captain / Bridge Officer Powers, Ship Weapons, Ship Consoles etc, so saying you want a Overview of what Abilities you should be using is a difficult.

What I have seen working well when we have done it in the past are listed below.

Tactical should be using skills that give High DPS damage to mobs in bursts Cannons etc

Science should be trying to stop the mobs from moving with Gravity Well, Debuffing and Stripping Shields etc

Engineers should be trying to hold the Mobs Agro and putting out continuous damage with as many of their Beams on target Use EPS Transfer.

Use Emergency Power to Weapons, Use a Weapons Battery if your Weapons power is low or you want to keep it high for a short duration. Do anything you can to keep your Weapons Power High.

Other Players may also also have some of these abilities like a Engineer with Target Shield Subsystems for example (like I do).

Communicate over Vent, do not try to do it on the chat window, quick communication is the best way to adjust to the game in real time.