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01-30-2011, 08:01 PM
Originally Posted by Leviathan99
1. One of the turbolifts appears to be ported directly out of ship interiors and wants to give my crew the option to go to the Crew and Engineering decks.

2. My mission is only allowing one custom bridge officer to be selected but is then allowing reinforcements (redshirt only). I suspect this is because the first custom map (Starbase Sierra 39) is somehow flagged as a non-combat map where you'd typically only be allowed one bridge officer.

3. Is there a way to have a map transition dialogue at the end of a mission? Similar to how most Cryptic missions, with a beam out option.
1. This isn't the bug reports forum. There's actually a post about this there that Kirkfat made about it and the devs have seen it.

2. I haven't heard of this happening before. Usually Foundry missions only let you take down all of your officers without letting you specify less. Are you sure it's not because your test character has played through the tutorial and only has one bridge officer to choose from? If that's the case, delete your test character and start a new one, or play it some more in real-play mode and requisition some more boffs.

3. Nope. Pretty much all the Foundry missions just end after the last objective is over. You have to remember to tell players to beam out on their own.