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01-31-2011, 02:50 AM
Originally Posted by Rhodes85 View Post
They will do nothing of the sort. The current exchange rate on the Canadian dollar is within something like 3/100th of a cent of $1 US. A company does not decide what the exhange rate is. They adhere to the Federal exchange rate or the customer can contact the state attorney generals office and have them file charges, as well as get the difference returned to him.

point being, don't do anything stupid cryptic. the last thing this game needs is lawsuits.
You're looking at midmarket rates, not what your bank (or Cryptic's in this case) charges them for the currency. Banks are not legally required to sell currency at the midmarket rate. Assuming Cryptic uses Bank of America (they may not), they would pay $243.09 + a 3-6% conversion fee.

Cryptic can charge whatever it bloody well likes for its products. There is no legal requirement that they charge the same price for the same product in all countries. If they want to make the Canadian subscription $308, they have every right to do that. No Attorney General will stop them from doing business because they choose to charge more for their product in another country.