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01-31-2011, 08:17 AM
While this has been discussed in great detail from past topics. The canon of it is that the federation never had carriers.

The galaxy, nebula and akira can carry a number of Pygorian and shuttle craft but these where in war time situations where fleets needed to be in the same place faster then normal.

the Pygorian is the fighter of the federation. it has its own warp drive ability and there fore did not need a mother ship to launch from to mount a massive attack.

by schematics the nubula can carry a great deal of Pygorian in its 2 shuttle bays. This is of course speculations as most diagrams do not show the shuttle bay in great detail. This ship could hold a good number of pygorian fighters.


12 Shuttlepods
6 Medium-size Personnel Shuttles
4 Large-size Personnel Shuttles
1 or 2 Danube-class runabouts, depending upon mission

my point is the federation did not have carriers and should not have carriers. They currently have ships that can be modified to support fighters but should not be a big lug in space like the klingon carreirs are.

the drawings are nice but i dont recognize them from any past star trek games.