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01-31-2011, 09:58 AM
Originally Posted by SapphicZoid
4. Klingon PvPers aren't normal people. They were born with innate specialized powers and skills. They have enhanced reflexes, special mental powers that allow them to think three moves ahead of their opponents. Their hands seem to have been genetically predisposed to using a keyboard and mouse which allows them to react to STO combat at a level others simply can't match. Their brains are simply superior, giving them the clear tactical advantage in every encounter. They are simply virtual killing machines.
Wait... so are you saying they are perhaps genetically engineered supersoldiers from the late 20th century? {insert Khan emote here :p } LOL, though reading some of the posts from Klingon players more than a few do tend to describe themselves that way.

Seriously though... anyone who feels KDF players have some kind of advantage, regardless whatever you think it is, should just stick to FvF. The queues seem to launch faster and nobody has any perceived ship based advantage. Another benefit is you are also far more likely to be competing against other players with a similar amount of PVP experience making for a more enjoyable match.