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01-31-2011, 10:06 AM
Originally Posted by teasdaleern View Post
Ok, I just tried it and the problem is reproducable. In other words yes it only allowed me to select 1 bridge officer. Also just a little suggestion - Change the waypoint for the docking bay doors to automatic, that way people will see on their map where they need to go when they are given the first ojective.

Actually, going by the dialog on DS9 not having your away team, would not be a bad thing afterall. As you are alone on DS9 and told to basically put a team together. So just having one away team and 3 security officers from DS9 makes sense, so maybe adding an objective in DS9 to speak to their security personnel to get them to go with you would be a good way of getting the story line to work round the bug.
Good to know its reproducible. Later tonight, I may try inserting an extra map between the docking bay and the transporter room, maybe a cargo bay aboard your ship. I sense my mission needs a touch more action for the amount of talking I subject players to.

In retrospect, my mission should scale all the way down to level 1 so I could have transferred a lower level alt to test this myself.

I suspect the bug is associated with the first custom map, the one I use as the transporter room. (It's actually Starbase Sierra 39 if I recall correctly; it is a starbase I've retooled to look like a ship transporter room..) Adding a custom map before that should address the issue if my hunch is right.

The automatic waypoint is a good idea although I could have sworn I set the waypoint to automatic and it just isn't showing up.