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01-31-2011, 10:16 AM
Originally Posted by Teslanar
It is not Cryptics fault. If CBS says "No." to anything Star Trek related in this game - Cryptic has to change it. Every uniform, shipmodel, species, mission, etc. has to be checked by CBS to become the official approval. Lets remember about nine months back:
The release of the Nomad Star Cruiser skin was pushed back, CBS has rejected the design (I think it has even been rejected three times!) and Cryptic had to alter it again and again until CBS was okay with it. It is a situation which sucks for us and IMO also sucks for Cryptic, but there is simply no way around it.
I think CBS are fantastic. The fact they have a gauntlet shows us that CBS do care about Star Trek. I mean, look at some of the things lucasfilm have done with the franchise.