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Excellent work Archancellor! I get asked these questions all the time and it will be good to have a single go-to/reference point!

Also, I appreciate the plug/post to my Ship Power Calculator Thread. Thank you.

Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully View Post
Q: How do accuracy and defense rating work?
According to snix, this works like this: Accuracy - Defense = Hit Chance, minimum 25 %.
Keep in mind that base accuracy starts at 95 %, and bonuses from weapons only apply for that weapon. Defense is affected by your speed (with a limit on how much you can gain), certain Captain traits and skills and equiment (currently only Aegis Set). A Defense higher then 70 % is useful against enemies that have accuracy bonuses. Accuracy bonuses are granted by Captain Traits and Skills as well as by weapons with the [ACC] modifier (for that weapon only).
To elaborate further... Any Hit Chance over 100% is added to your Critical Severity ([CrtD]) modifier. Which is why Crits are all the worse when you're held standing still.

- Captain A has a Defense of 40% while moving.
- Captain B has the Accuracy trait (+10% to hit with Space Weapons) and is firing an Rare Phaser with an [Acc]x2 bonus (another +20%).
Each shot goes like this: (95%+10%+20%) - 40% = 85% Chance To Hit.
If Captain A is hit with a Tractor Beam or otherwise forced to stop and loses his Defense, then Captain B gets 100% chance To Hit and also gets +25% extra damage if he happens to get a Critical Hit (Crits are rolled separately upon each successful hit, they use a different base number, which I think is 2%).

Also, I'd like to point out I find the best way to get Powers info is by pressing P for Powers and looking at each power in the list. Click the Power on the left and look at the details on the right. You typically get more info than you do from the Tool Tip Pop-up in the Power Tray. You also get a more accurate listing of which skill supports which power.

Unfortunately, some of the info is hidden. For example, to see exactly how much damage your Beam Overload or Cannon Rapid Fire is going to do, or how much of a drain your Target Subsystem is going to inflict, you don't look at BO or CRF or TSS, but rather, you look at your Beam or Cannon icon and scroll down. So it does take some looking. Naturally, for Space Powers you need to look at this while in System Space.