Thread: I hate Q.
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01-31-2011, 04:23 PM
I guess my beef... I hate comedic "dumb" Q. Q in Encounter At Farpoint was menacing and pretty awesome. If he was presented like that through the whole show I would have liked him. You know why Trelane was an awesome pre-Q? It is because they didn't go too far with the humor, it was too the point and explained what a petulant God-child would be like.

Q? They just used him as comic relief after Encounter At Farpoint. I guess everyone is free to continue liking him, I just think too many people don't realize that's what Q turned into - cheap comic relief.

I didn't mind the appearance of the son of Q in STO, bunt I don't want him to turn into a crutch and an excuse why something happens too often.