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01-31-2011, 04:40 PM
Originally Posted by Aslan_chShran View Post
I guess my beef... I hate comedic "dumb" Q. Q in Encounter At Farpoint was menacing and pretty awesome. If he was presented like that through the whole show I would have liked him. You know why Trelane was an awesome pre-Q? It is because they didn't go too far with the humor, it was too the point and explained what a petulant God-child would be like.

Q? They just used him as comic relief after Encounter At Farpoint. I guess everyone is free to continue liking him, I just think too many people don't realize that's what Q turned into - cheap comic relief.

I didn't mind the appearance of the son of Q in STO, bunt I don't want him to turn into a crutch and an excuse why something happens too often.
For me, the problem was that Q became mundane to the crew.

The twist with his episode of DS9 was nice, imo. He wasn't really the one responsible, he just got blamed for it.

Personally, my problem with the son of Q is that he appears in the Farpoint garb. I understand it's the iconic garb for Q, but it really doesn't fit the flights of whimsy that Q represented.