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01-31-2011, 09:40 PM
The hard canon never had carriers, get it straight.

The soft canon, from games that existed long before TNG, and many other sources, had them before Klingons. Soft canon I will remind you, kept this IP around long enough to film stuff.

There are better designs on the web,

Please note, while I like them and this current character is a extension of the same I used back in the day, before TNG even in games, I don't think they should be here for the reasons of 1)Balance and uniqueness, and 2) The federation just doesn't use this kind of Tactic. Fighters are good for airshows, but not much a "all life is sacred" kinda mentality.

Macarther class being the one I used in SFB (the board game) and later as a modded ship in SFC1.