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01-31-2011, 09:46 PM
Originally Posted by Darren_Kitlor
They've taken a good dent into your old list:
  • Sector Space has been changed
  • More ship sadded
  • Shuttles are available for testing
  • The Foundry mission creator is in testing
  • Crafting doesn't resemble launch at all (and it's useful to boot).
Yeah, I'm also impressed that they've added most of the uniform variants from my list, as well as several of the ships. I'm also glad they're trying to get the Vesta now. I was one of the first to suggest adding it.

Really, the only major things left on my list that they haven't added are the ships interiors from different ships (though they did get most of the Bridge variants. If only we could customize the halls and other rooms more), the minigames (though Poker has been discussed. I just hope they take the time to go back and add Parrises Squares, Tongo, and 3d-chess at some point in the future), the Bridge officer relationship system, and full voiced content (though they are in discussion on adding more).

Most of the rest of the list is either already in the game or is in discussion. Very impressive Cryptic.