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02-01-2011, 05:32 AM
Originally Posted by Elysia_1 View Post
But what you all don't say or suggest is, what type of abbilities are best used to make it through this really very irritating mission.
All info about KA you can find on the forum
In this thread there is a video posted, still my fastest KA first space part, and the build/weapons I used.
You can still use that build for Tac/fleet escort and do KA without problem.

Or use the builds that are posted in this topic:

Sci ships/cruisers with warp plasma and gravity well helps.

If you are a Tac officer, you can use the tactical initiative as stopwatch. When gate opens and spit out probes/spheres, hit your tactical initiative. Then when the timer of the tactical initiative almost hits zero, the gates will open again.

Target probes first, and then spheres, but I guess you know that already