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Originally Posted by Lustrati View Post
im a fed player ive made one klingon toon and than deleted them.

1. Are Klingons overpowered?

No i dont believe so, I did when i was leveling but after a month of pvping within my fleet we decided to try out against the kilngons we won easily. We knew each others strengths and weaknesses and could cover each other. So experience and teamwork (and yes i know that word is alien to some of you) pay off way more than a cool bridge power or unique ship power.

so in answer

Strategy and TEAM WORK, the amount of times i see a player just zoom off to the horizon than die actually makes me laugh now. For the most part from what ive seen the team who stays together and works together usually wins


Just came out of a pvp with a pug group (3 cruisers, 2 escorts vs 1 BoP 1 carrier and 3 vorcha)
the BoP died easily leading me to believe its one of those ships which requires an insane amount of exp to master the carrier did its normal thing and the vor's were running around trying to death shot feds (if i was them id do the same thing)

Feds won 15-2, so tell me if the klinks are so OP how did we (1.a pug group 2. didnt really communicate but did share heals and stuff) beat them so easily?
BoPs require balance to be able to function best in combat.
Too offensive a build and you will have little defense for survival.
Too much defense and you lose valued Dos, unable hurt the enemy in combat.