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02-01-2011, 08:27 AM
So I was thinking earlier, (I know thats a bad idea... still...) we got the All Good Things comm-badge at 100 days.

No offense intended to the devs but it seems like a pretty bad tease to give us the badge but make the uniform C-Store.

So I had a blinding flash of inspiration (and somewhere an accountant had a horrible nightmare).

Would it be possible to add as a 400 day reward that we get to choose one free costume pack from the C-Store?
(Character costume pack only, to keep the bean counters (almost) happy)

This way people who already purchased the AGT uni, and people who don't want it at all, wouldn't be shortchanged, but likewise those of us seeking the complete set who would have much preferred the AGT uni than the veteran uni are also happy.