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02-01-2011, 07:39 AM
My observation is that Klingons and Federation both have their advantages and weaknesses.

The klingon's optimal strategy is a bit more intuitive, and less sensitive to minor variations in fleet composition than the Federation's optimal strategy. This is largely because the Federation has to be well enough coordinated to survive the decloaking alpha, and to select targets intelligently when facing carrier pet spam.

However, the federation has more ship options which leads to more opportunity for a well versed group to find an unexpected synergy. This means that Federation premades have more fodder for finding new "flavor of the month" fleets that change the PvP metagame.

So I'd say the Klingon faction is more PuG friendly, and has less depth for premade strategy. While the Federation Faction is less PuG friendly and has more depth for premade strategy.

The result is you often hear about how overpowered Klingons are from PuG players, and how overpowered Feds are from premade players.