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02-01-2011, 09:18 AM
Originally Posted by toddof76 View Post
I've played a lot of space pvp as both Klingon and Federation characters. It seem to me that all things being equal, same number of players from both fractions and roughly the same skill levels on both sides that the Klingons have a advantage and are much more likely to win in space pvp.
First question I have is this true? Do Klingons really have an advantage in space pvp or I'm I totally wrong about this?
They have the advantage when it comes to an alpha strike due to their cloak, however that's something Fed's have access to now aswell (if you want to fly an escort that is). After the alpha strike the Federation is the one to have the advantage, as long as the team's organised.

Bird of Preys for example are hit-and-run raiders, they don't have the hull or the shields to survive a drawn out fight. You get one in a tractor beam/warp plasma and it'll go down faster then any other ship.

Second question, If this is indeed true that Klingons have a advantage in space pvp what exactly is the advantage that they have?
Their alpha strike.