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02-01-2011, 09:16 AM
Originally Posted by modemfox View Post
That part is easy, Liby borg would get it because they know how to use the tech. (Lifer Love)

When we kill the borg in Gama Orionis we get plenty of spare parts.

I was also thinking maybe the skin would also cause all the beams we fire to be the borg green color, but not needed but would be cool.

So I guess maybe a Liberated officer Store (at captains table could work) that we can use emblems or 5th order badges to get the updated skins.

Or a combination of Badges and Exploration samples, like maybe some of those new rare ones?

If push came to shove I would not mind paying for them on C-store as skins. (Please include one for new Refits)

Just an idea, if you just gave it to us there would probably be complaints.
I just got my lifetime sub, and i'm loving it but would love for there to be more "borgy" arms, legs, more external stuff on the body, even weapons? Like as a lib-borg captain you could research borg weponary or scrap that and have regen personal shields like the borg shields on the ships but on you. Yeah just a thought. But would love to see more at the captains table....was a bit of a let down :/