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02-01-2011, 09:24 AM
Originally Posted by UFP-Magnis View Post
Again please do tell us whats in the game that is not in canon. please do. I would like to hear this. Again i ask if you say something do speculate what it is as we all would like to hear your thoughts on something being soft canon. I have yet to see something in sto of great significants that is not canon.

Also do remember this is the future of star trek, CBS santioned so dont forget that such attributes that deal with architecture, new characters, and the borg are covered
Do they really need to get approval from CBS for anything they put into the game? Where did you get this info from (not doubting your validity, but I am curious).

Also you stated that the Federation does not want to be war-like, but what about the Galaxy-X? That thing is built for war and combat, it has a SUPER weapon on it's back! (Regardless of whether it hits often or not, the sentiment behind the design is still there).

In my opinion, I would like to see the Jupiter Class Dreadnought as a carrier in-game (heck I'd settle for it being anything in-game, as long as it becomes playable), and if it is in-game now that means it has been approved by CBS anyway, so no problems there. :^D