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02-01-2011, 10:36 AM
Originally Posted by NeilCell View Post
A thought occured to me. If teams could be increased to 8 players, then it might be much eaiser to complete the STFs.
Perhaps, but in my experience team size isn't the issue.... it's the inability of players to take direction or work together as a team. Whether there are 5 or 50 people on a team wouldn't matter if no one wants to communicate or coordinate their efforts.

Most people I've seen on PUGs are under the mistaken impression that they will easily plow through the STFs like they do normal content. That's not how the STFs are designed. There are aspects of them (such as the nodes in boss room of Infected and gate transformers in The Cure) that require strategy, a coordinated effort and good communication. Teamwork is the key.

I can only speak to my own experience here, but the first time I ran the STFs, I thought they were hard too. Heck after several failed PUG attempts at the Cure I was ready to call it broken and never bother with it again. But you know what? I kept at it. I eventually found a good group to run the STFs with. Now, after completing them a couple of times, they aren't that difficult to me anymore.

Are there bugs? Yes, of course there are. Are the STFs unbeatable? Not at all.

Originally Posted by the_silencer
You might want to read through the post you linked to, as well as subsequent posts the developers have made on the topic before crying "nerf".

Oh, and stop whining about others whining.