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02-01-2011, 10:44 AM
As I understand it (and I may very well be mistaken), hard canon is only things from on-screen in the shows and movies. Soft canon is novels, comics, video games (including STO), production notes, production models, and deleted scenes. Everything else, fan hypotheses, fan-fiction, interviews, un-done storyline, cast & crew interviews, etc.. Is non-canon. Having no standing.

There is a significant gray area, after all, what would you call a rejected script for an episode released as a novel by the original writer? Is that soft canon, or is it non-canon? What about a scene that was not originally released in TMP, but made it into the Directors cut? However, as a general rule of thumb, I think the standards above are pretty much how most people think about these things.

That makes the Akira Carrier intention (having been gleaned from a crew interview) non-canon. It's inclusion in other Trek games makes it soft canon.

The order of preference goes hard, soft, and then non-canon. Making the Akiras on-screen non-carrier use in First Contact the reigning reality barring a carrier-functional Akira appearing in a show or Film.

Now, this game is soft canon, however, that only weakens the argument for pulling in Carrier-functional Akiras. We don't draw from soft canon to create soft canon, you draw from hard canon to create soft canon, and you draw from hard and soft canon if you're crafting fanfic.

I feel I should state, in the name of full disclosure, that I despise fanfic of all genres and IPs. I consider it a disgraceful abuse of common-usage, not any kind of legitimate "art". If you want to create, create, don't leech off of the success of other artists.