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02-01-2011, 11:49 AM
Having done the cure bout 5 times, I can tell you that with the right team, it can be very easy, and with a poor team, an extreme challenge. On one run we had 5 tacs LOL, that took nearly 7 hours, not too smart on our part but we wanted it least the space part at the end we finished in under 6 mins lol.

Now with some sci players thrown in my best cure time is one hour 45 mins, thats with not having to repeat any of the gates and getting the boss on the first try.

On the gates timing and communication is key, taking direction and having a good strategy mean everything.

now if they make the stf's "easy", and therefore the borg gear less special, I'll feel somewhat cheated out of my hard work, But I do get that the wandering groups need improved upon in that they take up too much time of the mission.