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Originally Posted by Captain_K.C. View Post
Dave your post is almost exactly just what I wanted to say in my own review. Glad to know I'm not the only one to feel this way With that in mind:

* I feel that the Captain's logs and supplementals are too wordy. Mission briefings are also lengthy, please edit for space.

In fact, when I read the extended treatise on "too much resources devoted to weapons and war, not enough to intra-species trafficking" I got the nagging feeling that the author is trying to promote some kind of agenda. Okay, so is he going to preach to me the need for social justice to help reintegrate former Borg drones back into mainstream society? Or free healthcare for Viidians to cure the phage? I play STO to get away from poitics, which is an important part of my life but on my terms not someone's else's. Give me a break here

* The "I am ready to engage the squadrons" dialogue should be rewritten because it's the wrong tone of voice.
* Searching the scanner logs should not be activated by a plant on the bridge.
* Enemy starship mobs seem to be too far apart (the last mob before boarding the Naausican slaver ship) or too close together (the first mob).

My one major complaint: Too many obstacles in the hallway to the Warp core. If it's a permanent setting in the Foundry that all of their hallways are filled with crates, I'll happily direct my ire in that direction. But please for the love of Picard, map authors of all types, just get rid of all the junk!
That is so funny that you say you play STO to get away from politics. Then you don't really get what Star Trek was all about. It was about political discussions, disguised as a sci fi show. The fact that you don't want any politics with your sci fi says, you don't want Star Trek. You want some other space shooter game. The fact that politics is in the mission is EXACTLY what makes it very much like Star Trek. So funny that so many people here don't understand what Star Trek was all about.

Take the Bajoran Occupation. So many episodes illustrate that the line between the good guys and the bad guys were often blurred, just like in Nazi Germany. Or the Ferengi way of life, totally exploiting people for profit. That's an extreme example of Free Market Capitalism. A very political statement right under your nose. So if a game purports to be Star Trek, then in need politics. Or as I've said before, just call it Space Wars.