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02-01-2011, 01:34 PM
Originally Posted by mhighison View Post
I'm looking at a complete overhaul for colors and selection of them right now, and I think "good things" are coming. It might take a while, but I want to make sure if we do a big change, we do it right, so I'm trying to get the appropriate time/resources to try out a few ideas internally first. I know it's an issue, and it's near the top of my list of concerns!

Not a lot of info there, but hopefully it can give you some hope!


I am so glad that you're looking into this area. Please give us a "beige" so we can have TMP uniforms like the ones pictured in the C-Store. Thank you very much.

In all seriousness, I hope that it will mean that we'll have more options to be creative, rather than less. I'd also hope that we get additional colour options in the hull-marking section of the ship tailor as well, because I'd really love to have yellow markings on my ship (which is currently not an option). Frankly I'd hope that we'd see some kind of library of "official" colours.. augmented with a "custom" colour picker where we could either utilize a colour wheel, or enter in html-style hexcodes.

Again however, thank you very much for putting your attention to this matter. I for one, appreciate it.