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02-01-2011, 03:13 PM
Admiral's Log, Stardate: 88693.0

Federation Subpace Emergency Transmission to all fleets: As of right now, The Federation has been placed on high alert status. We've been getting intel from Delta Fleet and Section 31 that a massive invasion force is headed towards Earth at low warp. Indications appears to be that the situation could be similar to what happened at Starbase 24.

The Klingon Hegemony is on its way, but also seems likely that the Undine, Cardassians and possibly the Romulans may have also been dragged into the affair. If calculations are correct, the invasion could be going down at 1300 hours or 1pm EST tomorrow.

The Federation president has ordered an immediate evacuation of all non-essential personnel to Starbase 150 and Space Station K-7. Meanwhile, Earth is overseeing the mass exodus of the population as we are trying to help as many people as possible to flee from the impending battle. But such a procedure normally takes 8 weeks to accomplish. Whoever is unable to escape will have to ride out the storm.

All fleets in the vicinity should keep their personnel informed of any breaking information that comes our way. Ships will be moblized to confront the invasion as it appears that Earth Spacedock seems to be their likely target. Much of this bear some semblence to the incident of Starbase 24.

Admiral Farrior out......