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# 1 Looking for a FUN PVP fleet..
02-01-2011, 05:42 PM
I play this game primarily for the space pvp, because honestly, its more fun to play against other humans than against dumb AI.

I'm primarily a fed player, and I have 2 VA toons, one an eng and one a sci, as well as a tac officer at RA 5. I'm looking for a fleet that is fun, does pvp (and maybe stfs?), and doesn't take itself too seriously. I like playing the game and all, but fleets that over-think their setups for pvp ruin the fun.

I will say that I am an active, mature player, but since this is the internet I could be full of crap. So don't trust this, but pm me in-game or post here, and see for yourselves.

PS: dont give me some bland, copy of a recuitment notice.

PPS: for pms use Adrogar, Richard Sharpe, or Hasashin@OVERLOURD