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02-01-2011, 07:58 PM
Originally Posted by KyotoCarl View Post
Aren't you people a bit too picky? You can't find something to do for 7 hours? it's gonna be an event which takes place over a few days so you'll have plenty of times to play it whenever you feel ike it.
You do realize that not everyone has your schedule, right?

Eight hour work day. Eight of sleep. Now add in meal time, commuting time, and assorted other personal business and you find a lot of people who don't have 7+ hours of free time in a day and who can't easily reschedule their playtime to account for the servers being offline during the entirety of their peak hours.

Maybe some people have 16+ free hours a day where they can shove stuff around their schedule at their leisure, but most don't. Some of those people may have wanted to take part in the "anniversary celebrations" on the actual anniversary, yet they won't be able to thanks to the length of this downtime.

Is missing out on the anniversary the end of the world? No, but it's certainly reasonable for some people to be upset about it.