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02-01-2011, 10:39 PM
You need to spec your space and ground skills to match. There is a drop down box on the top right menu of your skill tree. Highlight the powers you have and then put points into the skills the yellow box forms on. Some abilities will over lap ( hazard emitters and polarize hulls share the same 3 skills to train in). Don't pick skills because you like the name. They are built is pairs of 3's and you have to train all 3 to 9 points each to max it out. You don't need every ship skill either, place your points where it helps best.

Load out for space -
Escorts should have as much dps as possible. DHC or DBB on the front with a torp depending on your play style. You get the most aggro so prepare to run and heal some.
Cruisers should have a fair amount of hull heals and a shield heal or HE to give to escorts. You have to heal the escorts for their dps to remain in play.
Science ships- get gravity well and hold a bunch of borg as long as you can till the rest of the team comes over to help

As much fire power on one gate as you can. Once the gates shields go back up, probes spheres and then cubes in that order. Probes only goal is to make it to the middle HUB. I dislike giving this but gates have 180 second timer between the shields dropping. is our fleet website. We are non RP and built for casual players. Give it a few weeks and the current STF's will not be an issue for you. Running in a group with 4 experienced players will help you learn faster then 1 experienced telling 4 people what to do. We have 10-12 experienced players who can play together and not even discussion our roles during these because we know what they are now. Any one of those same people can lead a group through an STF because we run them enough. PM @strykerv in game if you have questions more.