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To anyone who happens to be reading this and is thinking of joining a large, active, multi-faceted and helpful fleet then look no further!

I am Fleet Admiral Chaos. I was recently put in charge of recruiting, and maintaining the FUN factor for this fleet. One of the way to keep gameplay fun and exciting while a member of a fleet is with INGAME CHAT, or VENT.
At SFO we have out own CHat channel, we also have our own VENT server, anyone can join the SFO chat channel and either start a conversation, or join into an existing one. Someone is always talking about something. And the best part is,, its not ALWAYS STO related. Talking about the game while playing the game is cool,, but can get a bit redundant, Channel SFO is basically an open forum to discuss just about anything while playing STO.

This fleet has many Amazing players, some have been a part of STO since Beta, like me, others may be fairly new to the game, but in any case we are ALL here to help. Wether your starting your first toon, or grinding through Captain, there's no such thing as a dumb question,, only the smartass answer you may get

So you WANT to join this fleet, and you know it!!!! Look for Chaos, Caveman, Princess-of-chaos ingame, or simply Join chat chan SFO and see what its all about.

membership includes many many fleet events, access to the fleet bank as well as an uncanny amount of knowledge from the members of the fleet.

As Fleet Admiral i ALWAYS listen to suggestions, and willingly answer any questions a member, or potential member may have.

At SFO our #1 goal is HAVE FUN AND ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE! Everything else is just a bonus!

JOIN SFO TODAY------the future may depend on YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!