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# 1 Any decent fleet out there?
02-02-2011, 04:56 AM
I'm looking to find a decent fleet that is mature and not stuck with a "dictator" kind of organization. Most fleets are headed by kids and basically have the motto :"it's my way or you get thrown out". Others are just for the numbers and don't care about membership satisfaction or even participating such as PVPs, missions or fleet actions. Still others want you to join and fill out biographies and huge profiles (people this is a game not an invitation to join toastmasters or other club?)

What I can offer to a fleet: 2 VAs and a CAP. I like to help and support PVP's and fleet actions and help other players in the game.

PM me if you have a decent fleet. Please no automatic responses or send a link to fill out convoluted profiles. Also if you are interested in buddy up and establish a new fleet let me know as well.