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02-02-2011, 05:20 AM
Originally Posted by exyle View Post
Why would you make Star Trek for non Star Trek fans? That makes no sense.
A Star Trek GAME for non Star Trek fans. Believe it or not wide audience appeal is something many forms of entertainment attempt to accomplish. It's how you try to get more people to sign up. If you made it strictly for Star Trek fans you then have to define WHICH star trek fans: Casual, RPers, nerds, ect....

And yeah, you can't kill things with stun because Federation Officers bent over backwards to NOT KILL THINGS. That was a primary goal of the Federation. To seek out not to take out.
They did, when they weren't at war. Last time I checked, Sisko wasn't concerned about killing Jem Hadar. Picard wasn't worried about killing Borg or Remans. Janeway routinely killed Kazon, Vidiians, borg, and other things.

Why do you want to kill things? If you want to kill things, you don't want to be in the Federation. You don't want to be a Federation officer. Those people don't join up to kill things! LOL That's my entire point, the Star Trek name has been mutated to satisfy the desire of people to whack things in cyberspace. That's not Star Trek.
I don't actually care about killing or not. However, if you're in a war stunning the enemy means that you never actually win. Just imagine...

"Sir, we've taken the base. All klingons are stunned."
"Excellent. Begin beaming them to the brig."

"Sir, that first Klingon squad you stunned have woken up and are waking up the rest of the group. We'll be out numbered in a matter of minutes."

Of course that also begs the question of why you can't just beam the enemies into your brig in the first place.

As for starships...
Well how would you design that? Ships goes down to 0% and doesn't blow up? How would you get loot?
Let's say you do loot the remains, do enemy ships repair later?

Frankly, we've seen more ships being destroyed in Star Trek than disabled. Just look at how many ships were destroyed in "Sacrifice of Angels".

And finally: Technologically speaking having enemies stay after they die takes resources and if there's no reason to keep them on the map then why waste the resources?