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I used to think this was impossible too, but its not, it just requires teamwork which is why experienced players are preferred. There are lots of posts on this thread now so I wont go in to detail about what to do, but essentially you should:

1. - All fly behind the left gate. Someone from the group goes and pulls the group of borg

2. - stay behind the gate at all times, dont move and all the borg will fly through the gate towards you while you kill them. The tac cube will try to fly through and get stuck.

3. - Kill the tac in the gate and you will do alot of damge. As soon as the tac dies everyone must buff and shoot like crazy at the gate. With the damage the tac did by expoding, by the time the gate closes you can have it down to 50% health.

4. - When the borg appear, everyone flys through the gate and shoots probes first. 2 people (escorts ideally) fly through the gate and kill a couple of probes on the way to the right gate. These 2 people need to be agreed before the start. The two escorts kill all of the right gate probes. Ideally they should have mk XI gear to be as powerful as possible.

5. - When all the probes are dead start kiling spheres but each player must be mindful of the time and be responsible for gettting themselves back to the left gate before it opens

6. You will be able to kill the last 50% in 2 or 3 gate openings so repeat the above until its destroyed.

7. - When the left gate dies some cubes will appear. Kill what you can but you may find that one cube is still alive while the right gate is about to open. If this happens get a cruiser or somehting with high sheilds to pull teh cube away from the right gate - everyoine else flies behind it ready for it to open.

8. - Doing the right gate is easier because you dont have to worry about the left. 4 players can do this no problem if the 5th is pulling cubes. Keep shooting it and killing the borg that appear unitl it dies and thats it!

Hope that helps, its how I do KA and works fine, as long as everyone knows what to do, has good buffs and weapons and works as a team.

I hope this helps you