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02-02-2011, 06:34 AM
Hey Jess.
Have you seen the 12th fleet?
We're run by a friendly, mature Admiralty and have policies to ensure everyone is enjoying themeselves and feels welcome. Our ambassadors have dailiy correspondence with other fleets to set up large joint fleet actions (Big Dig, Starbase 24, etc) And, even though anyone in the fleet can host events, our MACO division runs regular STF runs. Our PvP ranges from tournaments with prizes to silly things like Runabout PvP.

Head over to our website and look around. If you think it's something you'd enjoy, then go to the recruitment section. Read all the stickied threads and important info, pick which department you'd like to be in, then submit an application! (I'd suggest either the MACO division or Tactical for you.)

If you have more questions, direct them via PM to any Captain or Admiral in the fleet.