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02-02-2011, 06:14 AM
Originally Posted by Elysia_1 View Post
See, this is exactly what I mean... lol Help yourselves and leave others to fend for themselves... I thought this was an MMO not a FPS game!?!? Did I understand the meaning of MMO wrongly? I thought it turned around helping others and playing as a team no matter who you are where as in FPS, sure a team and Clan are good things, but not needed to play it. Am I getting this worng? hhhmmmmm.....

But ok... Guess I'll go back to fending for myself and just play the game for myself and be a hermit like everyone else and leave the Hardcore gaming of this game to you "Nothing else to do all day long other then play games on the PC" people.

Thanks to those who have tried and are willing to help out with this matter. And I feel for those of you who have a hard time with KA as I do...
The guys in our fleet do them daily just for fun or if anyone just needs them completed. They do demand that anyone wanting to do the mission with them has Ventrilo and joins it, because they do take teamwork and nobody is gonna type out in chat what needs to be done all the time.

Communication is very important while doing STF's and if someone is not doing what needs to be done its a FAIL. We have helped many players complete the STF's as long as they paid attention and joined our vent for guidence.

Sure there are those that think they are "Elitists" but only in their own mind, not in the eye of the community.

If you want help in completing it, hit me up in game or mail and I can set you up and give you a set time they want to start it. Just know in advance that you need to have vent, and when asked join it and just follow their directions.

Good Luck !