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02-02-2011, 08:37 AM
Originally Posted by LotD
I'm not sure people are drawing the right conclusion from those results based upon the question. Assuming the "Bord" bit was not a typo in the original survey, the question was what opposing faction would you choose. In my opinion, that suggests what faction would you play in opposition to the Federation. In that case, it makes plenty of sense that most people are not going to want to play against Feds as Feds.

They seem to have similar conclusions:
I am thinking Bord is a typo as the original stats were presented as pictures and not text.

I do agree that the question was presented a bit odd and I believe you are correct in your interpretation of the question (i.e. Which faction do you most want to play as against the Federation - Borg being #1).

Also, thanks much to Darren_Kitlor for his advanced search-fu.