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02-02-2011, 09:33 AM
It has less to do with the difficulties of the missions and more to do with the unwillingness of people to listen and do what they are told. There are plenty out there willing to help but these people can only take so much before they just give up.

It takes 1 hour to do infected (give or take) ..... last week I went thru infected with a friend and 3 pugs. In the beginning I gave 1 simple request ... No security escorts or drones. Sure enough every time that skill came off cool down out pops security escorts. Every time I said to do something the pugs would just go off and do whatever they wanted. I got to the point that I just stopped giving instructions and focused more on cleaning up thier mess room after room. 2 hours later we finally finished ...... wonder why that is??

Until pugs realize they are not the uber Capt and won't be able to kill everything on the map in the Solo charge they are use to this argument is going to be an ongoing thing.

If you've never done the STF before and someone says to do something you do it. You don't change the plan, you don't do whatever you want to, you do exactly as you are told.

People also refuse to change out thier BO's for some stupid reason. Certain skills work wonders in the STF's and work every time. So why do people refuse to change thier BO setup if asked?? A Capt respec isn't being called for just a BO change yet poeple refuse to do it. In this case why should the experianced person even bother trying to help the pug??

It simply come down to people complaining that the STF's are too hard and nobody wants to help. Then when someone offers to help thier requests are ignored and everyone just fumbles around doin what they want to.