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02-02-2011, 10:33 AM
Originally Posted by Darren_Kitlor
Presumably, Cryptic did follow-up research - at least dstahl's statements about Fed population levels versus KDF, etc.
I'm pretty certain that his remarks about the 12% of players on Klingon side came from their in-game data mining.

Cryptic's engine allows them to monitor literally everything the playerbase is doing. How much time people spend at each level, where, what accolades they get. The % of people that have ever talked to a certain NPC, etc.

One of the devs, I think it was either Gozer or Dstahl, mentioned that according to their info X% of the players end up doing missions that are 2 or 3 levels below them X% of the time. I forget the numbers, but that's a perfect example of the data mining Cryptic has available to them.